About Us

I set up EKD Telemarketing in 2005, after it was suggested that I might be good at telemarketing.

When setting up my business, I wanted to be different from other telemarketing agencies, inasmuch as I didn’t want to appear to be ‘pushy’, when contacting businesses on behalf of my clients; that I was professional at all times.

Business-to-business telemarketing isn’t always about the ‘hard sell’. I firmly believe that businesses, that are contacted day in and day out, by telemarketing agencies don’t always like the ‘hard sell’.

When representing my clients, I do so to the best of my ability. Telemarketing is all about getting clients in front of potential customers and I think that I’m quite good at helping my clients obtain meetings with decision makers; a number of companies, that I’ve done telemarketing for, have gained new business customers.

In the ten years since I started as a telemarketer, I’ve worked with a number of businesses, mainly in the web design sector. I’ve also worked for a building company, a school clothing company and I’m currently working for leading supplier of tape to the insulation industry.

Business – to – Business telemarketing is about promoting clients to potential customers and getting their message across.  Even in today’s world of social media, telemarketing is still important, as it can give a business owner the opportunity of putting across their message to decision makers within firms.

Over the last ten years, I have helped my clients get their message across to the right people, and as a result, their businesses have gained new customers.

EKD Telemarketing may be a small telemarketing agency, but I have big ambitions to grow it into a leading business – to – business telemarketing agency.